Wednesday, October 8, 2008


First of all, let me announce that your PRODUCT PRESENTATION begins NEXT WEEK. Some lecturers will begin on the first meeting and some on the second meeting. This really is up to the lecturers' discretion.

The VENUE is NO longer the ASTAKA, but the LOBBY of BLOCK W. On 16 OCT, there will be no presentation at Block W or ASTAKA, but perhaps at the Cafeteria of BLOCK Z (this also depends on your lecturers).

If you have ever been to an Education Fair or Career Fair, then you can imagine that your product exhibition is something like that. For example, if it's an Education Fair, varsities and colleges will set up booths and when you visit the booths, the college rep(s) will tell you aboutthe college and what programmes or courses they have. Similarly, if people come to YOUR booth, you'd have to explain the product you are presenting on. So, try to make your booth eye-catching and attractive that makes people want to visit your table. Print enough pamphlets or brochures for your visitors and you can even have a guestbook where visitors can write their names and leave comments. You can submit the comments when you submit your portfolio.

Which reminds me, for your PORTFOLIO, please submit your BLOG LOG. To make it easier for your lecturer to evaluate you, please copy your comments from your UHL blog onto a Word Document and attach your comments to the BLOG LOG. Thank you.


Mohd Suhairi B Mohamad said...

Salam,hi..i'm suhairi.I'm the 1'st year student and from M06.

ct khadeeja said...

assalamualaikum..i'm ct khadeeja AA09072 from faculty of civil and human resources..

Anna said...

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Dreama said...

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Anonymous said...

CB09101 Yap Eng Keat
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