Monday, July 13, 2009

UHL2312 Sem 1-2009/2010


Please be informed that the new UHL2312 semester 1-2009/2010 students' are required to post five comments in the respective lecturers' blog (since the blogging activity is during lab hour, there is no reason why the students cannot have five post for the reading entries.). The comments are based on the articles that they have read. It is not restricted to only one genre, so the articles can be in any genre that attract the students' interest. Lecturers may also decide on which genre should their students read and write about.

Students are to post comments which relate to their experience or their point of view. They are not allowed to copy the articles and paste them in the blog. Any plagiarise work will be given zero mark and lecturers can penalise them by deducting their marks where necessary.

Remember to always end or begin your comments with your name and matric number. Thank you.