Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hullo there UHL 2312 reading community!

We have been reading your comments and posts on your reading entries with great interest. It's interesting to see the stuff you guys are interested in reading. In fact, we found out the sad news of Prof Randy Paunsch's passing from your comments. So, great work and keep it up.

However, there are a handful or perhaps several handful of students who are still maybe unclear of what we are supposed to write on when posting a comment on our reading entries. It is important to know that part of the reading entry requirement is for you to RELATE what you've read to YOUR OWN UNIQUE EXPERIENCES, or VIEWPOINT - whether you agree or disagree, et cetera.

Posting a comment in the 'Reading Entries' post is more than just informing others what you've read by providing the link, OR copying the article into your comment entry.

Also, it is preferable that the articles or reading materials you are reading are in English.

Thank you.


najihah_farah said...

Regarding on the student who failed to post those comments regarding on the topic posted, i think you can see now it is mainly influenced by the massive usage of the friend finder web such as facebook and twitter.Well i think it is normal.I can be the one of them too ;))


solace said...

fantastic blog.